Huawei joins SQ4S to deliver technical training

Huawei, a strategic manufacturer partner of SQ4S, recently delivered a dedicated advanced technical assistance session for our designers at our new head office, presenting the latest product updates and opportunities for implementation.

As a leading inverter manufacturer, Huawei products are implemented widely across commercial solar PV projects. For the UK market, its solutions are distributed exclusively by Segen, who SQ4S works closely with on all major commercial installations.

Adrian Thomas, Business Development Director at SQ4S, explained: “As a distributor, Segen believes in adding value for all their supply chain partners. One of the ways they achieve this is through organising training sessions, which are essential for getting the most out of the products and creating the most efficient solutions.

The training was delivered by Channel Director, Michael Rae, responsible for overseeing the solar PV division of Huawei in the UK, and two members of its wider technical team.

Over the course of the day, Michael and the team delivered essential training, which provided SQ4S with an understanding of the latest product innovations and developments.

The Huawei team offered in-depth guidance on how SQ4S could work alongside its product development division to best utilise the Huawei Inverters and optimise results for SQ4S’ highly valued clients. The session also presented the perfect opportunity for the SQ4S designers to tap into 1-1 technical support and gain visibility on Huawei’s product roadmap.

As a premium product, the Huawei Inverters deliver overall cost benefits to the wider project and allow SQ4S to streamline design briefs and produce better outcomes. Adrian added: “It was so valuable to spend time with Michael and the Huawei team and receive excellent training from true Solar PV product specialists.

“For SQ4S, it is essential that we stay ahead of the curve, and spending time with a market leader allows us to deliver even better designs and exceptional service. We’re looking forward to seeing our clients benefit from our increased knowledge and awareness that will come to fruition on future projects.”