Why Interfacing Roofing Trades is a Value Add

Throughout history, the main purpose of a roof has been to provide shelter. With growth in high-rise constructions and flat roofs, roof spaces are changing and becoming an increasingly popular location to capitalise on space, through the inclusion of Solar PV installations, natural lighting and green spaces. With over 20 years’ experience in the design and install of Solar PV systems, SQ4S has recognised the potential of roofing trades working collaboratively for increased site efficiency, building performance and design innovation.

The changing requirements of roof spaces to meet a range of needs has led to a rise in the involvement of specialist contractors in the roofing package of builds. In line with energy efficiency priorities voiced by the government, and more people realising the potential of sustainable energy solutions, Solar PV has quickly become the most popular renewable energy source worldwide. 

Architects and main contractors are more frequently facing challenges incorporating Solar PV into roof designs as they include more elements. As rooftops more commonly play host to multiple systems including; HVAC, green roof areas, natural lighting and solar PV – it is crucial that the design and installation of such systems is managed effectively.

The challenges of complex and evolving designs

With more elements included in roof designs than ever before, the value of communication and collaboration between specialist contractors can often be overlooked. In some cases, roof designs are changed at the last minute in the interest of value engineering. Consequently, when Solar PV installers arrive on site the system can be deemed unsuitable for the new roof space.

The system may be unsafe for application directly to the roof membrane or other roofing elements may have impeached space – a whole redesign process might then be needed, incurring cost and resulting in delays to tight build schedules. One of the most effective strategies to avoid this is to ensure trades interface early in the design process.

Why adopt a holistic approach?

Working with specialist Solar PV partners throughout design and build schedules with open communication channels has a number of benefits. 

  • Innovative designs – developments in solar technologies mean Solar PV is a more viable solution than ever. Specialist Solar PV partners can produce designs that help optimise space to help include other elements.
  • Optimum efficiency and ROI – the fast pace of the Solar PV market means sometimes Solar PV partners receive specifications that are not necessarily the most cost effective. There is value in Solar PV specialists consulting with roofing trades early in the design process to collaborate and design systems with optimum efficiency.
  • A more coordinated effort – if different roofing trades are collaborating and engaged with one another from the outset, it is more likely changes to designs will be better communicated.


An inclusive approach to design

By utilising the expertise of partners and opening communication channels, there is scope for better understanding and appreciation of all roofing elements. Trades can work collaboratively to ensure that each part is integrated seamlessly and achieves its optimum performance.

There is more potential in solar PV application that the industry can take advantage of – because of rapid developments in solar PV performance, solar PV specialists can now help to achieve better energy production performance than ever before and are constantly innovating with new ways to apply solar PV to even the most challenging of roof types.

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