New CPD – From Specification to Energy Generation

Learn solar PV fundamentals with our new CPD

With recent changes to Approved Document L driving increased market demand for solar PV, understanding the fundamentals of solar technology is becoming more important than ever for building designers. In response to this growing demand for knowledge, commercial solar PV specialist, SQ4S has developed a new CPD module – Commercial Solar PV: From Specification to Energy Generation.

The race to net zero has pushed renewable energy sources higher up the specification agenda. However, when it comes to building design, solutions are often considered too late in the process to deliver maximum impact. This new CPD equips specifiers with the knowledge and skills required to understand what an efficient and compliant solar PV design looks like.

You’ll learn the process of designing, installing, and commissioning a system, taking design requirements and restrictions into account. Equipping delegates with the fundamentals of designing solar PV for commercial buildings, learning outcomes include:

  • Define what solar PV energy is
  • Differentiate between roof types and understand installation best practices
  • Outline the design, installation, and commissioning processes
  • Identify the regulations surrounding solar PV
  • Understand the benefits of a solar PV system on a commercial project

Delivered by a member of the SQ4S technical team, this new CPD is available both virtually and in person. To schedule your CPD session, please email for availability.