Bauder PV installation

Square 4 Solar recognised as BauderSOLAR approved contractor

Commercial solar PV specialist, Square 4 Solar has been confirmed as an approved installer for the BauderSOLAR range of solar PV roof mounting systems. The approval process for Bauder, a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials, recognises the company’s professional credentials in the solar PV industry and its proven track record of delivering quality commercial installations UK-wide.

As an approved solar PV contractor, Square 4 Solar can now work in collaboration with Bauder’s national network of approved roofing contractors, to install BauderSOLAR F for flat membrane roofs and the BauderSOLAR G LIGHT for biosolar roofs. Upon successful tendering for BauderSOLAR projects, Square 4 Solar will be responsible for installing and commissioning the solar PV solution, including the Bauder mounting system.

Tom Raftery, Bauder Product Manager – Solar PV / Environment Lead, explains why Bauder is extending its solar PV installation network with Square 4 Solar: “With changes to Approved Document L set to come into force from June this year, we’re already seeing a sharp increase in specifications for our BauderSOLAR range.”

“Solar PV is a specialist element of a roofing system that requires expertise to design and the relevant industry credentials to install. As a well-established provider of solar PV solutions to the commercial sector, Square 4 Solar has demonstrated that they can deliver the professional standards, backed by the relevant warranties, that our customers will need.”

Over the past three years, Square 4 Solar has installed and commissioned more than 60 solar PV systems for new build Lidl stores UK-wide. Commenting on the company’s confirmation as an approved BauderSOLAR installer, Adrian Thomas, Business Development Director, Square 4 Solar, said: “Bauder has shown real innovation with BauderSOLAR, delivering a unique mounting range that addresses common challenges we have long seen in the industry.

“As an approved solar PV installer, we’re looking forward to working closely with Bauder and their nationwide network of approved roofing contractors. With a team that has more than 20 years in the sector, we believe we can work collaboratively to secure projects and support specifiers with delivering more robust building designs that effectively leverage solar PV.”