Why selecting the right mounting system for your roof type is essential to maximising solar PV potential

For new developments to truly benefit from commercial solar PV systems, it is essential for architects, designers, and roofing contractors to work together to accurately access the roof’s structure before selecting an appropriate mounting system. 

As doing so will ultimately maximise the performance of the solar PV solutions, while preventing unforeseen costs and installation delays. So, what are the best mounting solutions to enable maximum power generation?

Trapezoidal roofs  

Often confused with congregated roofs, trapezoidal roofs are widely used on a variety of commercial buildings and are exceptionally durable. 

To maximise the potential of solar PV solutions on these types of roofs, choosing a trapezoidal solar mounting system is typically the best option. These systems are specifically designed to work with the corrugated surface of the roof, and are cost-effective and time-efficient to install. 

Flat Membrane Roofs

A ballasted, non-penetrative mounting system is suitable for a flat membrane Roof.

A roof design can be put together to ensure there is sufficient ballast, concrete blocks, to resist the wind loading at the height and location of installation.

The panels are positioned and inclined to gain the maximum generation capacity.

Standing seam roofs 

Traditionally, standing seam roofs compromise interlocking metal panels that run from the roof’s ridge to the eaves. These types of roofs are notoriously hard-wearing, can withstand an array of different weather conditions and are popular due to their aesthetic qualities. 

For standing seam roofs, a standing seam mounting system would be the most suitable solution. 

Bio roofs 

Bio roofs are an effective way of harnessing the powers of nature to maximise carbon reduction and support a greener future for the planet. 

One of the main things to consider when choosing the appropriate mounting system for a bio roof is that it’s a living, breathing entity, so avoid abrasive methods of securing mounting systems. 

Additionally, selecting the wrong mounting system can lead vegetation to take over and can interfere with the performance of the solar PV solutions, creating an adverse effect. 

Instead, we recommend a welded mounting system, which will optimise output from the solar PV system, and also allow the roof to qualify as a biodiverse green roof. 

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How can SQ4S help? 

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